International Medical Diplomacy Institute

About IMDI


Objectives of IMDI

Our objectives cover and interconnect three focal points at which we look at medicine: scientific, educational, and diplomatic.



Execution of multilateral international research projects and promotion of academic exchange of medical professionals and scientists globally.

  • Research

Form teams of leading professionals and young researchers from various countries for the purpose of multi-centric work on common translational and clinical research projects.

The translational research of the IMDI Science Center covers areas of:  cancer research, stem cell research, translational immunology, genomics, proteomics, neuroscience, Alzheimer’s disease research working hand in hand with biotechnology and related areas of pharmaceuticals.

The clinical research of the IMDI Science Center covers diverse areas of applied research and pilot trials focused on the entities of: breast cancer, ovarian and cervical cancer, brain tumors, immunotherapy in all oncological entities and clinical Alzheimer's disease trials.

  • Infrastructural base

Establish IMDI Science Center in Heidelberg to coordinate all IMDI projects, conducted multicentric in the partner institutions.

Provide equipment and know-how in order to support the collaborating institutions.

  • Publications           

Publish data of high practical value for therapy and diagnostics (selected from the conducted research), including analyzed pooled cohorts of IMDI partner institutions in clinical or translational research.

  • Journal

Establish a peer-reviewed PubMed indexed medical scientific journal, publishing the results of translational and clinical research from both Western and Eastern Europe, including Russia, on regular basis.

  • Funding

Provide continuous access to funding for research projects.


Education of a new generation of researchers and medical doctors based on IMDI’s vast human resources and mentoring of partner experts.

  •   Knowledge, methodic skills and scientific analytic thinking

Provide fellowship and internship places at top level institutions in Europe and USA under direct mentoring of leading experts with an intensive follow-up.

Provide scholarships for young talented researchers through donations and sponsorships.

  •    Continuing Medical Education

 Organize CME (Continuing Medical Education) in form of accredited clinical courses, seminars, hands-on workshops, IMDI Distinguished Lecturer Series, IMDI Tech Talk, as well as thematic congresses and conferences, in collaboration and under auspices of global and continental federations of societies in all specialist fields of medicine.




Building partnerships between medicine, research and decision makers in business and politics.

  • Acquire membership in international associations in the fields of research careers, scientific diplomacy and professional associations in particular medical specialties.
  • Acquire consultative status with the United Nations and represent the priorities of science and healthcare development at international forums and media.
  • Sign cooperation agreements with research funding organizations, hospitals, research institutes and affiliate institutions in medicine and science, as well as companies and governmental institutions.
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