International Medical Diplomacy Institute



Junior associates

The job of a Junior Associate entails competent handling of moderately simple tasks for using predetermined methods, a low degree of work autonomy and no executive responsibilities. Junior associates mainly work with the “Junior exchange” project. Junior Associates are not financially compensated for their work. Travel and lodging expenses are refunded partially or in full depending on the capacity in which a delegation or an individual are acting and the current financial situation in IMDI.


            Persons interested in a Junior associate position send their CVs, written in English with special attention to short-term and long-term professional goals, to After consideration, IMDI Executive Board contacts the candidate and sets the time of the interview. Candidates that are not contacted within a week of submitting their CVs are not deemed qualified for the Junior associate position. If circumstances do not allow for an in-person interview, a Skype conference is a feasible alternative. Executive Board may request additional documents from candidates of which they will be duly notified. After an interview in which, in addition to personal qualities, interests and ambitions, a candidate’s knowledge of the inner workings of the IMDI is under scrutiny, IMDI Executive Board decides whether or not to offer him/her a probation Junior Associate position (the candidate must be informed of the decision within 72 hours).

All Junior Associates receive a copy of the Employee rule book and the IMDI Code of Conduct. After a three-month probation period, based on the Performance report for the particular candidate, IMDI Executive Board decides whether to offer the probationary Junior Associate a full Junior Associate position or terminate his/her relationship with IMDI if said Junior Associate did not prove a valuable asset. Applications for Junior Associate positions are received year-round.


            Junior Associates may find their relationship with IMDI terminated if they breach the IMDI Code of Conduct or if their work is deemed inefficient by IMDI Executive Board. Junior Associates are reprimanded after their first unsuccessful task/project. After their second unsuccessful task/project, IMDI Executive Board convenes the Disciplinary Board which is to decide upon the appropriate measures to be undertaken in the interest of securing optimal efficiency in future IMDI functioning and which pertain to the aforementioned Junior Associate. The decisions of the Disciplinary Board are final and are not subject to appeal. IMDI Executive Board may promote Junior Associates to Senior Associates.
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