International Medical Diplomacy Institute



Senior associates

Senior Associates head individual projects on which they work with a team comprised of a minimum of 5 junior associates which they themselves are required to assemble. A Senior Associate may, with the President’s approval, represent IMDI’s interests in a meeting with potential partners and/or financiers and is obligated to submit a written report detailing the course and outcome of said meeting to IMDI Executive Board within 48 hours.

The highest rank a Senior Associate may hold in a foreign country is the rank of IMDI Ambassador. All other Senior Associates in that country are regarded IMDI Consuls. IMDI Executive Board decides which Senior Associate will assume the role of IMDI Ambassador. It is recommended that the IMDI Ambassador for a certain country be a citizen and speak the official language of that country. Senior Associates responsible for coordinating international projects are dubbed Coordinators. Senior Associates do not receive financial compensation for their work, while their travel and lodging expenses are refundable when traveling for the purposes of IMDI.

Only Junior Associates who have successfully accomplished at least one major project are eligible for promotion to Senior Associates. In accordance to the Statute either the President or the Executive Vice-president may promote a Junior Associate to Senior Associate. Senior Associates may be demoted or their relationship with IMDI terminated if they Breach the IMDI Code of Conduct or if their work is deemed inefficient. Senior Associates are reprimanded after their first unsuccessful task/project. After their second unsuccessful task/project, IMDI Executive Board convenes the Disciplinary Board. The decisions of the Disciplinary Board are final and are not subject to appeal.

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