International Medical Diplomacy Institute



Foundation of the IMDI Science Center


IMDI Science Center is designed as a multi-centric team of scientists working on common projects while performing research at their home institutions.


The IMDI Science Center is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, with a branch in Belgrade, Serbia. It is managed by a Head of biomedical research, and a Head of clinical research. Senior associates are delegated by the partner institutions and their work at IMDI Science Center is regarded and financed as a part of their regular working time at their home institutions. Junior associates volunteer at IMDI Science Center with a possibility of grant or scholarship acquisition from IMDI Career Promotion Platform.


In the initial phase, IMDI Science Center founds the Headquarters in Heidelberg and a branch in Belgrade, conducts data acquisition from the partner institutions in case of clinical research data, and focuses on translational pilot studies, clinical follow-up studies, reviews and case reports.

Benefits for young researchers and doctors:

-Opportunities to gain research experience cooperating with most prominent international experts in molecular and clinical research.

-Multi-institutional high impact factored-publications and active participation in the scientific community at the very beginning of their career.

-Experience in acquiring fundraising and grants for big-scale research projects.



Benefits for Principal Investigators, Heads of institutes and hospitals:

-Maximization of the effect of the institution’s research by pooling the cohorts with other IMDI partner institutions in clinical or basic research.

-Equipment, antibodies and know-how acquired from partner institutions.

-Permanent participation in multi-centric international translational and clinical trials.

-IMDI-coordinated bilateral and multilateral scientific project funding applications.



Benefits for patients:

-Implementation of the big-scale research results improves lives of millions of patients in terms of outcome, survival, and quality of life.

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